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  • What if my order is lost or damaged in the mail?
    If you receive an item that was damaged while in transit, please get in touch with me and send a photo of the packaging and damaged product so that we can work out the best options to have your item replaced. If it seems your order is lost in the mail, there are a couple options to try: -Open a case with USPS using the shipping information provided when your order is shipped. -Check with your local post office to see if it is being held at a nearby location of facility -If a package says delivered but has not arrived, give it another day or two before contacting USPS. There are sometimes delays, especially during the holiday season. -Check a Neighbors house to see if it was delivered to the wrong address. If your package still fails to turn up and is truly MIA, please reach out to me and we can work out the best solution for a replacement.
  • How long will it take to get my order?
    Once your order is placed, it will typically take 3-5 business days to process and pack your order. Once your order is prepped for shipping, it will be mailed out via USPS First Class, USPS Priority, or UPS Ground depending on the size and weight.
  • Why am I missing items in my order? Where's the rest?!
    If you order multiple items, sometimes I ship them out in separate packages (orders that include prints and bulky items like mugs or coasters will often be packaged separately). More often than not, these packages will arrive on different days for one reason or another. Just keep an eye out and the rest should arrive shortly!
  • Why did my order come in an Amazon box?
    I like to recycle, reduce and reuse! I will often save and reuse boxes that are in good condition. Many happen to come from Amazon, which is why you might receive your items in an Amazon box. Rest assured your order is not coming from Amazon ^___^ it's just my little way of trying to be more environmentally friendly.
  • How are your products made?
    Mugs, coasters and mouse pads are all made using a process called dye sublimation. I do press these all myself at home! There may be some very slight variations in centering and color, as these are often made to order and the process is not always 100% consistent. This process uses heat and pressure to permanently transfer the image onto your item. Items are easy to clean without the risk of fading or running colors! The mugs can even be run through the dishwasher!
  • Are the mugs dishwasher safe?
    Yes! All the mugs in my shop are dishwasher safe. I use a process called dye sublimation, so the images are permanently pressed onto the mug. I have also put my mugs in the microwave a couple times and they seem fine. But I have not tested this thoroughly, so I cannot guarantee there will not be fading over time. The heat and process of microwaving the mug may cause the image to lose some vibrancy or start to blur over time.
  • What paper is used for your prints?
    All art prints are printed on archival cold press watercolor fine art paper. This paper is very sturdy and has a great texture! I print everything from home up to 17" x 22" using a high quality large format 12 cartridge printer.
  • Do you sell your paintings?
    Yes! I often bring originals with me to conventions as displays, but they are also available for sale. Some will also be made available here in this shop! I really pour my heart and soul into these pieces, and I am always so thrilled when one of my paintings goes to a good home <3 They bring me a lot of joy, and I hope it brings joy to those who take them home with them.
  • How long does a painting take to finish?
    It depends on the size and detail of the piece. My paintings range anywhere from 5x7 to 24x36. A smaller Smash Bros painting can take 10-15 hours to complete (not including the drawing process or the frame). The largest painting I have done so far is the Okami piece! It's 24"x36", and has a ton of detail. The painting alone took a whopping 90 hours! That's not including hours of drawing and design work, as well as the time it took to cut, assemble and paint the custom frame.
  • Do you take commissions?
    Sure do! In fact, many of the prints in my shop were actually commissions, which is why I don't have the originals of some of these pieces available for sale. Pricing can vary quite a bit depending on the size and detail. If you are interested in commission work, please read through the Commissions page for more details and information regarding the pricing and process. You can find the commissions page in the "More" drop down menu.
  • How do you make your paintings?
    Everything starts out as a rough sketch, and is worked on and refined until I have a cleaned up final drawing. I then transfer the drawing onto wood, and hand paint everything using acrylic paint. Once complete, these pieces are then professionally scanned or photo captured to be made into prints, and later edited to suit other products like mugs, coasters ect...

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