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Are you interested in having a piece commissioned? This page will go over all of the ins and outs of having a custom piece done, including the pricing, the process, the materials, what you receive, what to expect and everything in between!


All commissions are hand drawn and hand painted.


Be sure to read everything carefully before reaching out!!

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Commission prices vary greatly. The price range estimates are based on the size, materials and labor hours from start to finish. There is also an option to have a custom hand made and painted frame made to accompany and compliment your piece.

Sizes and Price Range:

5 x 7 = $320 - $400 (add frame for $120)

8 x 10 = $500 - $640 (add frame for $160)

11 x 14/17 = $840 - $1000  (add frame for $200)

16 x 20 = $1,375 - $1,750 (add frame for $300)

18 x 24 = $1,875 - $2,225 (add frame for $375)

24 x 30/36 = $2,500 - $3,000 (add frame for $450)


What to Expect and What you Receive

The Process and Materials:

All of my paintings are done by hand using acrylic paint on wood. Everything starts with sketches and drawings, and a painting is then completed from this drawing. Because everything is done by hand, there is only so much that can be done on the smaller pieces. 5 x 7 paintings are best suited for a single character and some smaller or simple details. 8 x 10 is great for up to two small characters and some simple details. The larger the piece, the more details I can include.

What You Will Receive:

When a commission piece is finished, you will receive the original painting. This painting is a one off! I will not make another one. If you opted to have a frame made, it will come assembled with the original, complete with hanging hardware. If you intended to have a piece done for the purpose of having a print, playmat, coasters or any other items made, I can include this with your commission. But the painting must be commissioned first before anything else can be made.


You will receive the only original painting, and I will never recreate or make another one exactly like it. I will, however, retain the rights to the digital file of the image as the artist, which includes reproduction in the form of prints, playmats and/or other related merchandise to have available at trade shows and my online shop. If this is something you are not ok with, please mention this before we discuss any major details and before any payments are made.

Pricing Estimates Explained:

These estimates are based on the size of the piece, the cost of materials and an estimated number of labor hours. Each piece is different and unique. The more detailed and intricate a piece is, the longer it will take to design and paint. If the piece takes less than the maximum estimate of labor hours, then you will only be charged for those hours. If the number of hours exceeds the maximum estimate, then you will only be charged the maximum estimate, and no more.


The Commission Process

First and foremost, tell me a little bit about what you are looking to have done. I am happy to throw ideas around and help you decide on some details. Based on your ideas we can discuss what size painting will best suit your needs and your budget.

To begin the commission process, I take a non refundable deposit of 50% down of the max estimate. This deposit goes towards the final cost of the project. I take online payments via PayPal or Venmo, whichever is most convenient for you. This deposit kick starts the design and drawing process. During this portion of the project, I will work up some rough sketches that I will send you based on the details we discussed. We work together during this process to get to a refined and finished drawing that you are happy with. Multiple revisions and changes can be made within reason. But if more characters and details are added than what was initially discussed, then there may need to be a discussion about increasing the size of the painting. If you completely change your mind and decide to go in a completely different direction well into this process, then I will require another deposit to start the project over from scratch.

Once the drawing is complete, I can move to the painting phase. I will send you periodic updates throughout the painting process. Once the painting is finished, I will either scan it or take a high res photo capture for digital records, then prep it to ship to you. If you selected to have a frame made, this is when that last step is completed. The painting and the frame are assembled as one complete piece before being shipped out. Once everything is completed and ready to ship, you pay the remaining balance you owe for the project. You are responsible for the base shipping cost. I will package it very well, and I try to keep these fees fair. I typically add a significant amount of insurance that I will cover on my end, in case (heaven forbid) anything were to happen to it while in transit.

Time frames:

The time is takes to complete a piece varies a lot. Smaller pieces I try to have completed within a months time. Larger and more complicated pieces can range anywhere from one to six months. My convention schedule and current works in progress will greatly effect the timelines that I estimate, as well as how large and complex a piece is.

Thank you for your interest!

I pour my heart and soul into each painting I make! I'm always excited to see my paintings go to a good home. I would love to hear your ideas, and I look forward to meeting and working with you! And please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions regarding commission work.

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If you are interested in a commission project, please contact me using this email address or via the sites contact form.

Retro Nerd Studio

A:   P.O. Box 32453

Tucson, AZ 85751


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